What Habitat Families Say

Bend Habitat Family collage

“Habitat worked with  me on mortgage payments so I could get my college degree resulting in a higher paying career and a happier family. I am forever grateful for that opportunity Habitat gave me”

Holly, Habitat Homeowner since 2008 (House #71)

“I don’t know why I didn’t do it (apply) sooner,” said Liz , who has been involved with Habitat for two years now. “I couldn’t be more grateful and happy,” she said. “The people who work at Habitat are amazing. They are passionate about what they do.”

Liz, Habitat Homeowner since 2016 (House #114)

“I can hammer a nail and paint. I feel comfortable learning how to do things on my own”

Amber, Habitat Homeowner since 2012 (House # 100)

“Since partnering with Bend Area Habitat, I have learned how to increase my credit score, do repairs around  my house and better manage my money”

Richard, Habitat Homeowner since 2011 (House # 87)

“Bend Area Habitat has assisted me with understanding my monthly financials, credit report and score, and assisted me with continued saving goals and plans. I have also continued my work with partner organizations, like NeighborImpact, to be able to participate in some of their programs and work toward continued education as well as starting my own business”

Kristal, Habitat Homeowner since 2011 (House # 36)

“I can show my children that no matter what life throws at you, you can still reach your goals. Since becoming a partner family, I went back to college and completed my AA degree.”

Heather, Habitat Homeowner since 2005 ( House # 39)