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The answers to these questions do not represent your ability to qualify or not for the program. We encourage you to complete the Eligibility Questionnaire and attend one of our Housing Information Sessions



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Q. How do I apply to the Habitat Program to be able to buy a home?

Answer- First, attend an Information Session. We host 4 sessions a year, generally at the Deschutes Public Library downtown Bend. Dates and times will be posted on this web site.

Then, fill in an intake form, submit it back with all supporting documents, and if necessary, attend a one-on-one counseling session. The Homeowner Services Department will review your finances and mortgage readiness status, and will advise you if you are ready to apply for the next open application period. If you are not quite ready yet, we will work with you and provide other resources to get you ready for the next time we are receiving applications. For an example of the process time line click here.

Q. I thought Habitat was only for really low income people. I have a good job at the hospital and I have been pre-qualified for a loan amount of $200,000 but I can’t find a home to buy. Can I apply for the Habitat program?

Answer- Yes. Bend Habitat serves a broader income range than people might realize. For example, a household size of three can earn between $2,090 and $3,918 per month and potentially qualify for our  program. We encourage you to attend an information session and learn more.

Q. How long will it take for me to buy a Habitat Home?

It will usually take a family between 12 to 24 months to buy a house, after being accepted into the program. For a visual timeline please click on the following link:

Sample home timeline graphic for web 2017

Q. I think I fit within your income guidelines. I have three children. However, I also live with my disabled partner. What do we use as our family size and income amount?

Answer- The income per month is unclear (we do not know how much disability income your partner receives and/or if it is permanent income or not) and we are not sure if you will be living together in the Habitat house. Refer to the income guidelines for a family of 4 or 5, and come to the next information session.

Q. My spouse works on a farm and I am a stay-at-home mom. His income is within the guidelines but he does not have a green card but I am a U.S. citizen. Can we buy a Habitat house?

Answer-No, our policy is that the main income earner must have permanent residency or be a U.S. citizens to qualify.


My roommate and I want to buy a house together. Do we qualify?

Answer- Possibly. We are an equal housing lender and as long as all guidelines are met it is possible. We encourage you to apply.

Q. I am a single mom with two children, and my 10-year old daughter receives permanent disability income of $354 per month. Do we qualify?

Answer-  Because your child’s disability income will be stable for three of more years we can include it in your income calculations, which we can then check against the current year income guidelines for your family size. However, we would also need to review your monthly debt to be sure you debt to income ratio also fits our guidelines.

Q. I am a single person living alone and just returned to the workforce after going back to school. The only debt I will have will be my school loans and I am currently on an income-based repayment (IBR) plan of $0 per month. I have to report my income every year. Can I qualify for a Habitat home?

Answer-  We would need to see your income verification and any documentation you have on your IBR plan. Typically, if we do not have verification of the payment plan, we would look at school loans as a percentage of the total loans (usually about 1.5% of the total as an estimated monthly payment). Habitat does not disqualify applicants based on family size as we follow the Federal Fair Housing laws.

Q. My husband’s mother lives with us and we have one daughter in high school. Can we all live in a Habitat home together?

Answer-   Yes, as long as you meet the guidelines. We will look at the income of all the adults in the household. Refer to the income-guidelines-2016

Q. How much will I pay for a Habitat Home?

Answer-  Our sales price is set based on a home appraisal. However, your mortgage will be set based on your affordability, typically no more than 33% of your gross income at the time of the home loan application.

Q. Will I be able to sell my Habitat house?

The Habitat Partnership Program towards Home Ownership can take from 12-24 months from the time of selection into the program until home purchase. Click the link below to view a sample timeline:

Sample home timeline graphic for web 2017

If you have specific questions please contact the Homeowner Services Department: 541-385-5387

DeeDee Johnson, ext. 103, or Catalina Frank (Spanish-Speaking), ext. 104

If you have specific questions please contact the Homeowner Services Department: 541-385-5387

DeeDee Johnson, ext. 103, or Catalina Frank (Spanish-Speaking), ext. 104