Welcome Home Lynn

lynn & daughter Bend Habitat homeowner

If you have met Lynn, it is hard not to smile and become endeared to her sweet, energetic and bubbly personality. It is tough to imagine what she has overcome and is still rising above today. In 2008, when the recession hit, Lynn was a part time stay-at-home mom, working in the family business and the school district to contribute financially to her family.

After 15 years of marriage, Lynn found herself having to start over after a divorce. The divorce propelled her into the challenging world of single motherhood and the main income provider for her and her little girl. She had to find a place to call home for them and took on multiple jobs to make ends meet. She was able to provide her daughter with a steady home and maintain it through frequent rent increases. Lynn never lost faith in God.

Lynn applied for the Habitat Partnership Program after trying to qualify for a conventional mortgage loan. Because of the escalating property values here in Bend, she couldn’t buy a home she could afford, even though she has an excellent credit rating.

Lynn and her daughter were accepted as a Habitat Partner family August 2016. She is thankful for this opportunity “to have the pride of ownership, security for her daughter, and peace of mind.” We are all very excited to partner with this hardworking, “never give up” individual, and very proud of the example she is setting for her daughter during their homeownership journey.

Lynn will be the next family to purchase a home from Bend Habitat. Lynn’s Home Dedication will take place in January 2018. Welcome home, Lynn!