Rob Albin

Rob Volunteer Spotlight Highlight

Rob Albin

With a background in management and experience working with many different types of people, Rob is a great asset to the ReStore. You can find him volunteering in the receiving and at the warehouse.  He has been giving his time to Habitat for more than 4 years! He has played a crucial role with the store’s special projects, including both of the big moves.  He is a superstar, always jumping in when needed!

Rob really enjoys working with such a diverse group of people that volunteer for Habitat.  Everyone comes with a common goal of helping the community and there is only on requisite- having a great sense of humor.  He likes that we all know each other on first name basis and work towards a better Bend.

His main reason for helping at Habit is the process of unconditionally giving “Grace.” Rob explains that there are 2 main aspects to this giving.  First, it is the support and help to the community through the process of providing affordable housing.  Second is the precious gift of time that is given by the volunteers to the staff, families and other volunteers.

Rob really appreciates being thanked for his time each week.  He says that he is always thanked by someone for coming and helping and that is the one thing that really shocked him and was quite funny at the same time. He says that,  “it is very nice to be appreciated.”  In his 33 years in the electronics industry he doesn’t remember even once being thanked for his time and service.

When not volunteering at Habitat, Rob is helping others in our community through building stage sets for the Bend theatrical groups.  Rob does admit that he is a tool hoarder and loves tools!

Next time you are in the ReStore please give Rob a big “thank you” for all his time and hard work for others in our community.

Rob is a perfect example of why Habitat is so successful. Thank you Rob, your service is invaluable to Habitat and the Bend community.