Habitat Youth Makes a Difference!

Eder Robert Habitat Family Spotlight

We are proud of this Habitat youth and we think you will be too. Eder is the 19 year old son of Arianna, who is currently working through the partnership program on her way to purchase a Habitat home. Eder is studying toward his Radiology degree, helping with his mom’s cleaning business and assisting with the sweat equity requirements of the Habitat program.

Last July, while Eder was completing some sweat equity alongside his mom, he met Robert, a Habitat Homeowner who was hit by a car while in his go-cart many years ago. The effects of that accident have left him disabled. He can’t really talk on the phone because of his hearing and speech impairment. He uses a wheelchair to move through his house and struggles with activities of daily living (such as holding a toothbrush and grabbing items) but he has adapted to the best of his ability.

Understanding his responsibilities as a homeowner in taking care of his landscaping (weeds, especially), Robert reached out to Habitat to see if he could get some assistance. The Family Services staff offered sweat equity hours to families currently going through the program if they could help Robert. Arianna and Eder stepped up. While weeding, he and Robert got to talking and Eder realized that Robert lived alone. He asked him if he ever needed any help which resulted in Eder and Robert sharing contact information. Since that day in the summer of 2016, nearly every week, Eder has visited Robert to help him out. Not for money, not for sweat equity, but just to help because Robert needed someone!

Eder describes Robert as “great guy. He’s a positive, really bright and never down.”  When asked what kinds of things he does for Robert, he said, “I help him with computers, even though I’m not that good with them I can help him.” He also does laundry, housework or runs errands for him. He kept saying that it isn’t a big thing, “it’s only a ten minute drive and well, he’s alone.” And, he added, “Robert is amazed that I can make a bed in less than the hour it takes him”. They have become friends. Eder appreciates that Robert sees him as a friend and not just a worker.

We see an amazing youth, his wonderful mom, and the beauty of this Habitat community. Don’t you agree?