Meet Keoni & Tara & Kids

Tara Keoni Habitat Family Spotlight

Keoni and Tara are not what you would define as a typical family. Just the names of their children, Kael, Maeli and Kelekana reveal something special about them, almost mythical and heroic. Their infectious personality make those around them smile in their presence. It is in the tightness of their family where they have found the strength to keep fighting the tests that life has presented for them.

Together they have battled through strenuous financial situations, Keoni’s

traumatic brain injury and struggles with PTSD, and dealt with the challenging health issues of their youngest baby. For the last, almost, ten years, Keoni and Tara have worked hard, giving back to the Bend community. At work, Tara dedicates every day to help others reach self-sufficiency. Keoni stays at home as their three children’s primary care giver while working part time at one of Bend’s popular community landmarks – McMenamins at Old St. Francis School.

“Once we own a home, we foresee more time together, less side jobs to afford rent, inviting fellow families to dinner… a safe place for our family to grow, and learn and be happy” – Keoni & Tara, future Habitat Homeowners, Bend

Tara & Keoni Habitat Family Spotlight